Conference Venue: NARADA GuangZhou (广州黄埔君澜酒店)

Address: No. 129 Wenjian Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou (广州市黄埔区温涧路129号)

Room Type and Fees

Room TypePrice
King Bed(大床房)CNY 600net per room, include 1 breakfast
Twin Beds(双床房)

CNY 600net per room, include 2 breakfasts

1 King Bed
2 Twin Beds


1. Please make a reservation in advance since the rooms are limited, and rooms will be reserved for participants who have paid the registration fee first.

2. Please update the reservation information through the system if you have any updates 48 hours before check-in, or you can contact the hotel or us after the time.


From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

By Metro: 1h 42min, 12 RMB


By taxi: 1h, 46 km, 108 RMB

From Guangzhou Railway Station

By Metro: 1h 23min, 9 RMB


By taxi: 1h 4min, 35 km, 89 RMB

From Guangzhou East Railway Station

By Metro: 1h 17min, 8 RMB


By taxi: 49 min, 28 km, 68 RMB

From Guangzhou South Railway Station

By Metro: 1h 42min, 10 RMB


By taxi: 1h, 57 km, 137 RMB

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